Rich Green
I had always struggled with the right combination of windshields or half windshields to assist in the control of the overwhelming amount of dust that accumulated in the cab of my Razor. Not only was the dust horrible in the cab, but my gear in the back was constantly covered with dirt to the point that some items were unusable. My wife didn’t enjoy riding with me anymore due to the circulating dust that came underneath the UTV, in and around the sides, and the billowing of dirt that fogged in from behind. It didn’t matter what speed we would go, the dust just consumed us. Danny said he could fix the problem for me and did he ever! He made me an Aegis Air Spoiler and I instantly fell in love. I had spent a lot of money trying to fix the problem and nothing really helped. Well, that all changed within minutes of my first ride with the Aegis Air Spoiler. I couldn’t believe it! It really is amazing how well the spoiler works. It creates a vacuum that literally sucks the circulating dust right out the back of the cab and the bed. The bed remains clean and free of layers of dust throughout your ride. I can keep my gear clean and usable, and the best part is my wife now rides with me again! She doesn’t get the dirty feel in her eyes, hair and mouth. I really recommend this product. It’s strong, low profile, and installs in minutes. This is a must have!!
Jim BartholomeNorthwest Foam, Twin Falls, Idaho
I have a 2011 Polaris RZR S. The dust that gets in the cab has always been a real problem. I purchased an "Aegis Air Spoiler" for my RZR. I took an 85 mile ride up to the Trinity Lakes, over to Atlanta and back to Featherville. When I got back I had a little dust on me instead of looking like a furnace filter. Wow, I was impressed with the difference the Aegis Air Spoiler made in my ride. It was so much more enjoyable because I didn't have all the grit in my teeth and all over the cab and cargo area. This thing really works! I can comfortably recommend to anyone concerned about the dust issue with your UTV side x sides, to take a look at the Aegis Air Spoiler. As they say on their web-site, it really did change my ride.
Colby FiteSales Manager at Woody's Outdoor Power
One question I get asked on a daily basis from our customers is are there any solutions to eliminate the dust in their utv's. With adding the Aegis spoiler to our demo machines the product spoke for itself the first time out. After our first day our riding it was clear that our machines were not only clean of dust but we were as well. I am so excited to have a solution for our customers and sell a product that not only works but we believe in.
Shonnie CThrilled Customer
I have had my RZR out twice since you put the Aegis on. One ride was up the Arrowrock Dam road and not a really good test because of a little rain. However, I could tell the difference. After an hour plus ride, there was no visible dust on the dash and no noticeable dust on my container in the back. Super! The best test was yesterday on a 3 hour ride off-road to Silver City. Dirt roads, hill climbs, water, rock, brush and trees tested my 1 year driving experience. Then a 6 mile ride on the road to Silver City and back out to the unloading area. There was a little dust inside and on the back of the items I had strapped down. The Aegis worked great! I didn't feel the need to hose out my RZR when I got home. My passenger was disappointed because she wasn't as dirty as she had hoped to get. The branches affected the level of the Aegis but it was still tight. It will be easy to adjust. I had someone on the ride ask me what it was and I passed the information along. I have told two other friends about it and can now tell them how well it works. I really debated on buying the Aegis because it was expensive but waiting wasn't going to change that! I am thrilled to have it on my RZR.