Aegis Air Spoiler Gen2 is Finally Here!

  • state of the art design
  • increased strength, rigidity and durability
  • decreased weight, re-designed aesthetic
  • improved powder-coating process
  • new installation documentation with 3D diagram
  • best one of all, a LOWER INTRODUCTORY PRICE!


Our models will fit most every make and model on the market. Our universal 46 inch spoiler is typically for the larger and wider machines. The universal 40 inch model typically goes on the 50 inch models. All mounting hardware and parts are identical besides the width of the spoiler. The only limiting factor is what accessories you have installed in the back that could alter the mounting of the spoiler.

Our manufacture recommendations call for only 2-3 inches above the roof line. You want most of the spoiler behind and below the roof to be able to direct that air to the areas that cause most of the issues. Realistically, you need it just high enough to collect air.

Yes. The second you start moving you can feel the air being pushed down and start flowing down the back. Obviously the faster you go the more forceful the air will be, as long as you are moving forward, the spoiler is helping to cut down the dust from behind.

That is hard to determine in percentages, but we would say that there is nothing on the market that comes close to our product in reducing the dust and dirt issues that these machines cause. Our spoiler completely changes the aerodynamics behind the machines which blocks the dust and dirt that billows up from behind the machines. This is the most problematic area that causes the most issues with both cargo dust, infiltration of dust on the back seat passengers and increased recirculated interior cab dust. Also, if you listen and apply the advice we offer to maximize the results, you will have even greater results.

The short answer is no. Unfortunately most rear windshields prevent our mounting hardware from attaching to the left and right side of the roll cage. The will work with rear mesh or soft coverings, although we highly recommend nothing is placed on the back but our spoiler.

Hinder. It’s a pretty accepted and a known fact that the second you add windshields, the dust problems immediately become worse. The more you encapsulate the cab with windshields, coverings and partial cab enclosures, the dust magnifies. Most dealers are aware of this but don’t want to jeopardize their ability to make money on aftermarket products. They will continue to push windshields and even recommend them for all dust related issues. It’s very counterintuitive and costs customers thousands of unnecessary expenses. We realize that in certain conditions that a front full windshield is wonderful and useful. But, you can still achieve similar results with a front half shield or something that allows as much ventilation coming through the front. The more ventilation, the better the dust control and maximization of the spoiler. We sell a lot of product to customers that have full front windshields and they are all still happy. We offer this information to understand and gain the maximum benefit possible if desired.

We recommend a 30-40% angle off the back of the roof. This can be better seen and established looking at the machine from the side. You want the spoiler to be in a position where the spoiler support arms are leaning in toward the back of the roof, and then you can fully adjust the curvature of the spoiler to that 30-40 degree mark. The beauty of our design is that this is fully adjustable so it enables you to play around with this or set it up personally based on your machine and what you seem to think works best. Some set ups have accessories and tires etc. that can require some adjustment of the spoiler to shoot the air in the right directions. This is why we made it fully adjustable.

Yes. Full front windshields are notorious for causing even worse dust issues, but a lot of our customers have already purchased these products and understandably don’t want to get rid of them. We also understand that in certain circumstances the front windshield can be so useful. But we can tell you the second you add a front windshield, you dust problems will become twice as bad, if not more. We currently recommend a front half windshield, or a product that allows as much ventilation to come through the front. This will maximize the results that our spoiler offers. For more info on this refer to question Do windshields help or hinder the effectiveness of the spoiler?.

Welcome to the cleanest ride you are ever going to take.


Polaris RZR

Calling All Polaris RZR Owners

Many RZR and UTV owners are discovering Aegis Air Spoilers and how they change the ride. Who wouldn't want to practically solve the dust circulation problem that haunts every side-by-side owner? Click play above and discover for yourself the difference Aegis makes. Order yours TODAY, and change your ride!!

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Arctic Cat

Attention Green Team!

If you are a member of Team Green, you are already in love with the new line of Wildcats from Arctic Cat. Why not continue with that same success and passion for greatness with an Aegis Air Spoiler? Trick out your spoiler with our custom Arctic Cat green decal and start making a difference in the way you ride.

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Many ATV and UTV owners are discovering Aegis Air Spoilers and how they change the ride. Visit our products page to find the spoiler system that works for you. Shop Now
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Keep the dirt out: Aegis Air Spoiler review

If you install a front windshield, you will probably notice dust coming in from behind and around the vehicle. I have found the inside of my windshield dirtier than the outside. It was bad when I had my Polaris 1000RZR; even worse with my Honda Talon. Some people combat this by installing rear windows or screens. You may want those for reasons other than dust control, but if you don't, there is a solution.

I wish I had heard of Aegis Air Spoiler when I had my RZR. When searching for a solution for my Talon, I contacted Dustin at Aegis and though they had never installed one on a Honda Talon, he assured me it would fit. The Talon has a very complex series of angles with the rear roll bars bending down and angling inboard. Due to Dustin's ingenious design, the universal horizontal mount works perfectly and with infinite adjustments allowing me to mount it not blocking my chase lights with the additional obstacles of my Rotopax gas can, Rugged fresh air pump and KWT prefilter all taking up space.

Performance: it works great! Aegis recommends 30-40 degrees angle, with 3"- 4" of height above the roof. The Honda roof peaks in the middle and due to my mounting issues I ended up 5" - 6" above the roof.

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John Deere

We are now expanding our product line to offer our spoilers for John Deere's line of UTVs. We currently support the following models:

  • The Gator™ XUV Crossover Series Utility Vehicles
  • The Gator RSX Recreational Series Utility Vehicles
  • The Gator HPX Utility Series Vehicle

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Why Let Dust & Dirt Ruin Your Ride?

The worst part about owning an outdoor vehicle is the interior cab dust and dirt residue that builds up in the bed of your UTV. It limits the possibilities and hinders the usability of your side-by-side, not to mention any passengers that have a thought of riding along (i.e. your buddy, wife, girlfriend, dog... just to name a few). Thanks to Aegis, you won't have to hose them off , or your vehicle, from the mounds of dust and dirt pileup at the end of your ride. And you'll be able to extract your gear, too... nice and clean!

Well we at Aegis have solved that problem, whether billowing dust in the cab, dirt getting in your eyes, or exhaust fumes filling the air, here at Aegis, we have the solution. The Aegis Air Spoiler will "Change The Ride" of your ATV, UTV, and Side-by-Side.

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Message From The President

Welcome to the Aegis Revolution!! As a fellow rider and outdoor enthusiast , there is nothing better than playing in the dirt! Here at Aegis, my objective has been to develop a product that revolutionizes the side-by-side industry. My desire is for you to experience first-hand, the dramatic improvement that our Aegis Air Spoiler truly creates. There has been a long standing problem In today’s side-by-side market that up until now has been relatively Ignored. Well, I am excited to announce that here at Aegis, WE HAVE THE SOLUTION!!! Join me today and the Aegis Team, in experiencing Personally how our product will literally, “Change your Ride”!

Respectfully, Dustin Edwards (President/CEO)