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Aegis Defined

ae·gis. noun /ˈē-jəs also ˈā-/

: control or guidance by an individual, group, or system

:shield, protection

Here at Aegis, we have a strong passion to maximize the enjoyment of how you ride in your side-by-side.  It’s in our name – AEGIS — which literally means “shield, protection; control or guidance by an individual, group, or system.” WE want you to be protected, and shield yourself from the elements at hand. We want to give you the ability to control the quality of your ride — and max out the enjoyment you get out of your recreational vehicle.

The ability to control and guide air (our revolutionary “Directionalized Air” concept) moving through, in, and around ATV’s and UTV’s, is our system.  And what a difference it makes!  We developed it by having the Rocky Mountains as our playground.  We’re Idaho natives and we have lived our lives enjoying God’s creation with an attitude the exemplifies enjoying the outdoors as more than a hobby… it’s a way of life for us.

Danny Edwards

Danny Edwards

Dustin Edwards

Dustin Edwards


Who Is Aegis?

Aegis is a family-owned company small enough to provide personal attention, but big enough to make a difference in the way "the ride" takes place for recreational vehicle users across the country.  We're a father and son team, Danny & Dustin, who came up with the idea for products that would "change the ride" for folks who have invested precious time and money in their side-by-side.  Having lived our whole lives riding all types of bikes and 4-wheelers through some of the toughest terrains out there, we understand the brilliance of anything that can make "the ride" even better.  And that's our dream for you: to make "the ride" -- your ride -- even better.

Are you ready to change your ride?


Many ATV and UTV owners are discovering Aegis Air Spoilers and how they change the ride. Who wouldn't want to practically solve the dust circulation problem that haunts every side-by-side owner?  Change your ride TODAY and discover for yourself the difference Aegis makes!

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